WEBFOOT OUTFITTERS - Hunting The Klamath Basin For Over 25 Years
About Us
The Klamath Basin has some of the finest duck & goose hunting in the north west. The Basin is a staging area for Northern birds. Dont miss out on the hunt of a life time. The Klamath Basin is a staging area with over 250,000 birds hatched here every spring. So we have large population here all year long. You will be hunting over large spreads of duck & goose  decoys and accompanied by an experienced caller. Our trained retrievers will offer bird retrieval, We here at WEBFOOT OUTFITTERS believe that scouting is the most vital part of a successful bird hunt. Not to mention we have some of the most awesome hunting ground in the area.
 In Klamath County there is such an abundance of geese in the spring the Oregon Fish & Wildlife has opened a spring goose season. Which consists of 10 "Specks" And 20 "snows"  Yes thats right 30 geese per day. This hunt runs from Jan  through March 10th 2016. If you like feet in your face hunting will the picture says it all. These hunt will sell out fast.
Oregon does offer a special one week season for Canadian
goose harvest. This week is unreal, if you like feet in your face hunting then this is the hunt for you. There is a five goose per day limit and ten in possession. We hunt Jackson and Klamath counties for these hunts. This is a hunt you will not want to miss.
            Duck & Goose hunting    $225.00 per day