Track big game with seasoned guides


Roosevelt Elk Hunts

While most outfitters focus on Rocky Mountain Elk hunts we provide the opportunity to take down Oregon's' own Roosevelt Elk. Southern Oregon is arguably the best area to bag a Roosevelt Bull. What makes this even better??? Webfoot Outfitters has access to thousands of acres of private timberlands and an extensive trail cam network allowing us to provide a better hunting experience.  

Hunts are available from September through December. Many Oregon elk hunts offer over the counter tags, landowner tags and a few lottery draws. 

We recommend a 4 day hunt for big game. As well, be prepared for some moderate to strenuous activity. We recommend being capable of walking at least 2 miles.

Bow hunts are during the RUT and we recommend a 5 day hunt. 

Black tail Deer Hunts

Oregon is a buck hunters paradise. It’s super easy to purchase tags over the counter or through a lottery system.  All of our deer hunts take place on Webfoot's exclusive private access timberlands in beautiful Southern Oregon. Rifle Hunts are available all of October.

We recommend a 4 day hunt. As well, be prepared for some moderate to strenuous activity. Deer hunters should be able to walk at least a half mile.

Bow hunting is available in September and again during the RUT in November. Be prepared for moderate hiking.